Thermo King Heat King® 450

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Thermo King
Heat King® 450



  • Extra capacity available for longer thin-walled containers or intermodal trailers
  • Powerful airflow circulates throughout entire cargo
  • DOT-approved for transport of flammable liquids and gases
  • High and low speeds for optimal fuel economy
Keeping Your Cargo Safe
  • Heat King keeps your freeze-sensitive cargo safe and warm, no matter how cold it gets outside.
  • Paints, chemicals and film
  • Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
  • Flowers, plants and fresh produce
  • Electronics
  • Beverages
  • Building materials
The ThermoGuard VII Controller
  • Integrated CYCLE-SENTRY feature ensures optimal fuel economy and the battery voltage monitor ensures batteries are charged.
  • Operational data and alarm codes are automatically logged and can be downloaded via USB
  • Flash loadable programming and diagnostics through PC monitor USB interface
  • Optional status light
  • Compact design for mounting directly to or recessed into the container
  • Includes on/off switch, hour meter and display
  • Alarm codes are easily accessed through TGVII display and PC monitor USB interface
Heating Capacity
  • Engine Speed High - BTU/hr: 30,000
  • Engine Speed High - Watts: 8,790
  • Engine Speed High - RPM: 2,550
  • Engine Speed Low - BTU/hr: 10,000
  • Engine Speed Low - Watts: 2,930
  • Engine Speed Low - RPM: 1,550
  • Engine Speed High - CFM: 3,000
  • Engine Speed High - M3/hr: 5,100
  • Engine Speed Low - CFM: 1,800
  • Engine Speed Low - M3/hr: 3,060
  • Automatic start/stop heating
Standard Features
  • TK 2.7 diesel engine
  • One-piece unit frame
  • Alternator, 37 amp, 12V dc
  • Programmable ThermoGuard VII microprocessor controller
  • CYCLE-SENTRY™ start/stop, including battery sentry and block temperature-initiated restart
  • Heavy duty battery hold-down and tray
  • Remote TGVII display
  • Centigrade thermometer
  • Installation hardware
  • Auto engine restart to charge battery
  • Threaded battery post cable
Optional Features
  • Zero cube unit installation kit
  • Silicone coolant hoses
  • CE mark
  • Low noise package (standard on HO)
  • Fuel heater – electric
  • Synthetic oil
  • Battery cable, clamp post
  • Custom paint
  • Exhaust extension
  • Fuel tanks: -30 gallon (114 liter) undermount aluminum; -50 gallon (189 liter) undermount aluminum; -110 gallon (416 liter) undermount steel; -65 gallon (246 liter) “L”-shape nosemount aluminum; -65 gallon (246 liter) rectangular nosemount steel
  • Terms of the Thermo King Warranty are available on request. The unit and its components are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship from date in service as follows: 12 months parts & labor - entire unit including Thermoguard TG-VII microprocessor; 24 months parts & labor - injection pump, engine and internal parts and radiator coil
  • Manufacturer is not responsible and will not be held liable in contract or tort (including strict liability and negligence) for any special, indirect or consequential damages including but not limited to injury or damage caused to vehicles, contents or person, by reason of the installation or use of any Thermo King product or its mechanical failure.
Weight (Approximate with Battery)
  • 448 lbs (203 kg)
  • 30 gallon fuel tank with brackets (w/o fuel): 90 lbs (41 kg)
  • 50 gallon fuel tank with brackets (w/o fuel): 100 lbs (45 kg)
  • 110 gallon fuel tank with brackets (w/o fuel): 308 lbs (140 kg)



Heating Capacity
Engine Speed High: 30000 BTU/hr (8,790 Watts); Engine Speed Low: 10000 BTU/hr (2,930 Watts)


Airflow Volume
Engine Speed High: 3,100 cfm (5,100 m3/hr); Engine Speed Low: 1800 cfm (3,060 m3/hr)


Engine Model
TK 2.7 diesel engine


448 lb. (203 kg)
44 in. x 34 in. x 15.9 in. (1118 x 864 x 404 mm)

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